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Fast Payments

The more transactions the IOTA network handles, the faster payments are completed

Safe & Secure

IOTA is virtually immune to the effects of quantum computation based attacks

Zero Fees

There are no charges for anything that you send, enabling the use of micropayments

Your Secure Payment Gateway

PayIOTA helps web merchants accept IOTA payments easily on their websites with no fees. The PayIOTA API helps you accept payments for products and services on your own website(s). PayIOTA is powered by LaciCloud.

PayIOTA is a collaboration of IOTA supporters from around the world, who want to help you unlock the power of fee-less payments. PayIOTA is available as a Woocommerce Plugin for WordPress, and as a WHMCS plugin, with more platforms to be supported as demand permits.

Going Beyond Blockchain

IOTA is a ground breaking open-source distributed ledger. The system was not built using blockchain technology, but a new directed acyclic graph protocol called The Tangle.

Primarily built for the purpose of machine-to-machine transactions (Internet of Things), IOTA is also proving useful for peer to peer micro-transactions and remittances.

The Power of Valueless Transactions
IOTA is able to handle 0 IOTA transactions, which lends to sending data from one machine to another. This will enable the use of fee-less secure messaging, and a host of other services that will help to speed up the overall network.

Unlocking Micropayments

The IOTA Tangle allows for fee-less micropayments which is opening up an entirely new sector of the market. Products and services that would be difficult to charge for in the past can now be handle electronically.

IOTA is able to operate without scaling issues that most traditional cryptocurrencies suffer from. Micropayments allows businesses and storeowners to sell/rent content, information, products and services by the second, instead of by larger blocks of time.

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